How to Pass a Drug Test with Fake Urine

Different sports or activities may require one to undergo a drug test. Blood and urine samples are the ones that are usually used to conduct these tests. There are times you may consume food or beverages containing some of the banned substances without your knowledge. Take an example of going for a weekend out, and you could not resist taking a glass or two, or maybe you had a beverage containing some of the banned stimulants.

If you are aware or feel that you have some of these substances in your system, you need not to worry, especially if you are to undergo a test within a short period. There are alternatives you can use for your urine test and save yourself from any disqualification or ban. These tests can be conducted in the presence of some officials while others without their presence.

The whizzinator is a device which resembles the human penis and has a pouch that you can fill with fake urine. You can see this page to knowpee container more about it. It is perfect for tests that are conducted in the presence of the officials. The fake urine contains color, urea, the right temperatures and PH levels which is no different from your normal urine. There are several things you should do to ensure your fake urine test goes through smoothly. They include.

Keeping it Warm

One thing you must do to pass your fake urine test with ease is keeping it warm. Urine from any normal person must be warm. Presenting it in cold temperatures might vindicate you. There are hand warmers you can use that emit heat and keep it warm for up to 10 hours. Your body heat can also be perfect in keeping that fake sample warm.

Mixing Correctly

urine strap
You must mix all the components of your fake urine sample to get the right results during your test. This type of urine usually contains Uric acid, nitrates, glutaraldehyde and other components which must be mixed in the right proportions. Some manufacturers will give instructions on how to mix them, which you should read and understand correctly.

Using Known Brands

There are different brands of synthetic urine you can use. Some are known to be genuine while others might backfire during your test. Do some research and find out which are the best brands to use. Known brands will give out results similar to that of the average human pee. Sometimes fake pee can be detected, and it is, therefore, right to use a known brand for quality results.