Serious health issues your dentist might help you discover

BIGx-ray-3-3Your dentist might be the one person to help you discover differences in the bones that surround your teeth, such as the jaw, with the help of x – rays. The health of your teeth can show whether you have health problems in other parts of your body.

If you have a good dentist, he will see those differences and warn you on time. Many experts advise how important is to have good oral hygiene. The oral cavity is the mirror of your body and starting point where the initial health problems appear.


imagesIn the research which was conducted in 2014, almost two-thirds of the dentist stated that patients who suffered from periodontitis were sent to be tested for diabetes. The positive benefit of this situation is that diabetes is pretty common disease and always quickly discovered. High level of blood sugar can damage your oral hygiene causing dry mouth and increased the formation of the tartar. This is why people who suffer from diabetes have problems with teeth and often have bad breath.

Coronary diseases

aid4427220-728px-Spot-Symptoms-of-Coronary-Heart-Disease-Step-1Based on research in 2007, scientist discovered that people who have problems with periodontitis had bigger chance to suffer from coronary diseases than those who have a healthy oral cavity. It is important to state, if periodontitis is treated on time, the state of patient’s heart will improve. Most common symptoms of periodontitis are loose teeth that easily fall out, such as the depth around the teeth pockets.


Image-for-dementia-blog-1_01-July-2015-option-2Can we connect the loss of our teeth with dementia? The research from 2012 showed that elderly people who have had bad oral hygiene have 76% bigger chance to suffer from dementia. This is relatively new area and the scientists need to dedicate greater attention to this matter, so the connection isn’t discovered so far. But, in some research from 2013, it was discovered a potential connection between Porphyromonas gingivalis, bacteria that attacks gums, and the people who have troubles with dementia.


princ_rm_photo_of_stages_of_osteoporosisThis illness won’t cause the decay of your teeth, but your dentist might be able to see imperfections in the bones that surround your teeth, with the help of x – ray. Healthy bones should be dense, packed in corners and if that’s not the case, it is a big possibility that patient is suffering from osteoporosis.


stomach-pain_1500_2669432aIf you are feeling constant heartburn, these effects should be most visible in your mouth. Most common symptoms are heartburn that is rising from your stomach and this could destroy your enamel. It is usually visible on your down front teeth where they become thinner while another indicator could be sore taste in your mouth.

As you can see these are a lot of symptoms that your body is sending you, you only need to learn to read them on time and annual checkup should be a necessity for every younger person. Your gums and teeth many help you discover diseases that you never thought you had and sometimes that news won’t make you happy.